Coming soon: Vinaigrette

Coming soon: Vinaigrette

The Southwest Journal reports that a shop specalizing in olive oil and vinegar will open early next month in South Minneapolis. Vinaigrette, which the paper says will feature products from such diverse places as Italy, Spain, Greece and Egypt, is exploring partnerships with local bakeries to sell bread. (Dang, we hope that works out!) It will also carry olive oil-based skin and haircare products.

This will be just the second shop in the Twin Cities to feature the winning oil and vinegar combo. Annona Gourmet opened earlier this year in Northeast and features dozens of surprising oil and vinegars. Heavy Table wrote a great feature on the olive oil bar earlier this year, described as "a non-stop tasting of oils and vinegars that can be as convivial as a cocktail party or as intense as a coffee cupping with a master roaster."

We look forward to comparing notes!

Vinaigrette 5006 Xerxes Ave. Mpls 612.216.3737

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