Coming Soon: Support Group


Been to Burger Jones yet? Yeah, you and everybody else--the place has only been open a few weeks and diners are already experiencing two hour waits. The Parasole group--owners of Manny's, Chino, and Salut, among others--is riding on that popularity to further expand its empire.

Nancy Ngo of the Pi Press reports that Parasole is already planning its next project, called Lake Street Cafeteria and Support Group, located inside Calhoun Square, next door to their Figlio restaurant.

"We aren't doing any counseling," [Parasole Partner Phil Roberts] says. "We just thought it'd be funny if people started saying, 'Let's go to Support Group,' whenever they headed to the restaurant."

Before that Support Group happens next year, the partners plan to do a major remodel of the 25-year-old Figlio. The restaurant will close for two months in fall for construction, Roberts says. During that time, the menu will also be revamped.