Coming Soon: Sugar Sugar


The Southwest Journal's October 19 edition reports that a candy store is opening this month in a portion of the old Fairy Godmother store on 38th and Grand in South Minneapolis. While the shop has been piqueing neighborhood curiosity by papering its windows to conceal its progress, the store name, Sugar Sugar, accented with a pretty red and white peppermint swirl flourish, now advertises its presence.

The paper says:

Chocolate bars from around the world will be the specialty, but the shop will also carry a variety of nostalgic sweets such as Sugar Babies, Skybars and Valomilk cups, as well as unusual treats including chocolate mustaches on a stick and chocolate-covered cocoa beans from independent candy makers.

Could old-timey candy be making some type of comeback? The Atlantic recently reported that the company that makes Necco wafers has recently replaced the old school candy's artificial flavorings with natural ones in order to to appeal to today's consumers, and the multi-colored wafers may even be poised to become the state of Massachusetts' state candy!