Coming Soon: Ringo's


After enjoying several terrific meals at North Coast, I was disappointed to learn that chef Ryan Aberle had been let go last spring, in an economy-related cost-cutting move.

So I was happy to see the Strib reporting that Aberle will be back behind the stove, partnered with a retired Cargill exec Jim Ringo to debut a new restaurant, Ringo's, in St. Louis Park in late winter. Not sure if Aberle will be able to flex his molecular gastronomy muscles at Ringo's as he did with the North Coast tasting menus...looks like the menu will be American comfort food plus a small selection of dishes from a different lesser-known international region every month, Sao Paulo instead of Spain, for example. Apparently, Ringo and Aberle are working with a travel agency to set up tours of the featured regions for those whose meals inspire them to head straight to the source.