Coming soon: Restaurant Alma's casual concept, Cafe Alma

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Big news for Alma fans and coffee lovers alike: Chef Alex Roberts has purchased the building that houses his flagship fine dining restaurant, Restaurant Alma, and will be expanding operations to include a new casual cafe concept.

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With the purchase of the building, Chef Roberts will be taking control of the neighboring Dunn Bros. and, if Roberts restaurant precedents hold, transforming it into what can only be assumed to be a thing of glory. While the new concept doesn't have an official name as of yet, according to MplsSt.Paul Magazine, Roberts has big plans for this place, which will include things like in-house coffee roasting as well as a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. The purchase of the building will also allow Roberts to expand the kitchen at Restaurant Alma.

So far, this sounds somewhat akin to what Chef Eric Harcey has done at his North Minneapolis restaurant, Victory 44, although Harcey uses locally roasted Dogwood coffee instead of roasting the beans in-house. It appears as though Chef Roberts might be the forerunner in the Twin Cities chef-driven coffee scene. 

As of right now we don't know a lot about what Roberts has in store for Cafe Alma, but we're currently dreaming about a relaxed, laid back atmosphere with top notch baked goods, delicious snacks made from local ingredients, and quality cups of joe. Look for a late spring or early summer opening for Cafe Alma.

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