Coming Soon: Ramen Station in Woodbury

Everybody loves ramen.

Everybody loves ramen.

Despite our relative dearth of it, Minnesotans love ramen. The annual Zen Box Ramen Attack is a ridiculous frenzy, slurpers running to and fro with bubbling cauldrons of hot liquids, housing noodles like whale sharks horking plankton. It's not pretty. John and Lina Goh of Zen Box are tireless perfectionists of the trade. The recent addition of Ramen Kazama in South Minneapolis has diners snaking around the block like a starving Depression era bread line. The things people will do for these noodles. Minneapolis is supposed to be getting more ramen soon at Kung Fu Noodles on Nicollet. Get your St. Paul Ramen at Tanpopo on Sunday nights.

It was only a matter of time before the 'burbs got in on the action. The Pioneer Press reports that ramen is coming to Woodbury in the form of Ramen Station, at City Center Marketplace on the northeast corner of Radio Drive and Valley Creek Road. They confirmed that the place will serve eight different kinds of ramen and hibachi treats. The owners are waiting for inspection, and then it's a go. Could be any day that Woodbury gets its ramen fix. 

Ramen Station

Coming Soon

1960 Donegal Drive, Woodbury