Coming Soon (like next summer soon): Barrio taco truck!


Barrio's jumping on the streetfood bandwagon. (We wish more would climb aboard!) MnMo's Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl says a taco truck is in the works for the Tim McKee-owned Minneapolis (and now St. Paul too) tequila bar and small plates joint. We first got wind of the development when streetfood new kid Curbside Tweeted nervously a couple weeks ago about McKee sampling its wares. The truck, slated for summer 2010 according to Moskowitz Grumdahl, will serve many of the same things now available at both Barrio restaurants. "McKee says it will likely be pretty close to what they have at Barrio, including specials, like their tongue tacos," she writes, "which, in case anyone cares, are much more thinly sliced than the signature Chef Shack tongue tacos." Boy do we care!

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