Coming Soon: Cooper


So I drove past Kieran Folliard's *enormous* new bar/eatery, Cooper Irish Pub, at 394/100--near Lifetime, Home Depot--and I'm predicting Costco-size crowds will descend as soon as it opens it doors on the 14th of October.

This is Folliard's fourth pub--he already owns Kieran's, the Local, and The Liffey--and from the way things sound, the decor should be just as extravagant as the others.

From the press release:

From a section of bar incorporating large areas of green marble to fantastical lighting, colors and fabrics akin to a bustling train station or brasserie in bustling flourishing old Europe, this pub does not miss opportunities for singing, darts or billiards. The large surrounding windows invite you to wile away evenings in another world from a bar stool, an old movie theater seat, or a rich red velvet striped seat surrounded in decorative mirrors. There is a hidden pod behind the bar which is named The Cutting Room, should you choose to cut your whiskey (or end up on its floor?)

Food will include fish & chips and pub pies, natch, plus beef burgers, mini tuna burgers and something called the o'Ginger cocktail, which, if it's anything like the delish Big Ginger at the Local, should be worth looking into. Oh, and come spring, they'll open a 170-seat patio. Slainte!

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