Comfort food of the week: The Lowry's mac and cheese

The Lowry's mac and cheese

The Lowry's mac and cheese

The season's first snowfall can come as a shock to us Minnesotans -- a sort of slap in the face, a reality check that those warm August nights are long gone. It's the same every year: We trade our balmy patio seats (complete with fruity cocktails) for six months of eating indoors and the inevitable icy gust we've all experienced when stuck sitting by the restaurant's entrance.

With at least five months of winter ahead of us, now's the perfect time to explore the heartiest and coziest comfort foods in the Twin Cities, guaranteed to warm the tummy and keep out the chill.

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Nothing is more comforting than a bit of nostalgia, and our winning comfort food this week takes everyone's favorite childhood meal to a grown-up level. The macaroni and cheese at the Lowry in Uptown has a seamless balance of simplicity and sophistication.

While it's no Kraft quickie, the Lowry's mac and cheese isn't made into an unrecognizable production either. The Lowry knows how to spice up the staple dish while sticking to the principles that all mac and cheese should follow. Mixing melted swiss and gouda with cavatappi noodles and crumbled croutons keeps it simple, but topping this foundation with ham and tomatoes makes the dish a well-rounded meal.

Whatever your age, the Lowry's mac and cheese is this week's ultimate winter comfort food to warm you from the inside out. Grab yourself a bowl with tomato and ham for $16 or without for $13.

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