Combos names Minneapolis 18th "manliest" city

Combos names Minneapolis 18th "manliest" city


How and why Combos sees fit to associate itself with manliness as a marketing tool will remain a mystery. Nonetheless, Combos has released a study purporting to rate the raw testosterone raging in U.S. cities using indicators such as the popularity of NASCAR events, barbecue restaurants, and consumption of salty snacks (the dubious Combos tie-in).

In a feeble attempt to maintain some credibility, Combos commissioned the study to Bert Sperling, the guy who does "Sperling's Best Places." Sperling considered the top 50 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, placing Minneapolis at 18th. A solid showing, guys!

Sperling evaluated cities by giving them points for "manly" features, such as the number of professional sports teams, sports bars and hardware stores (yes, really). Cities also got docked points for "emasculating" features, which included the number of minivans and foreign cars registered in the city (yes, really) as well as subscriptions to publications like Bon Appetit and Martha Stewart Living.

The most manly (do you care)? Nashville. The least? New York City.

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