Collect one (1) free chicken finger from Raising Cane's tomorrow morning

Raising Cane's presents: The opposite of choice-paralysis

Raising Cane's presents: The opposite of choice-paralysis Instagram / Raising Cane's

Saturday, July 27 is National Chicken Finger Day, Raising Cane's very own made-up holiday commemorating a food that is, objectively, good. It also happens to be the only thing they serve.

To honor the loyalty of their Cainiacs (yes, they’re selling us both a holiday and a word), Raising Cane’s restaurants nationwide will give everyone who shows up to any of their locations before 11 a.m. a free chicken finger. One (1). Usual price of that bad boy? One dollar and twenty five cents. 

That’s at least the start of a solid hangover cure.

In case you have never visited a Raising Cane's, the fast-food chain's premise is so simple it can be difficult to grasp. Before I fall down a wormhole of principle here, in the spirit of fairness, it’s important to note that Raising Cane's chicken fingers are flame.

But that's… all they sell. Customers stand in line, decide how many they want, say a number to the cashier, and receive a basket containing precisely that many chicken fingers to eat, augmented with crinkle-cut fries and a piece of toast (always). That's it. Full stop. You get what you get.

At Raising Cane's they merely ask you how much, not what.

Bone-in, dark meat options are laughably absent. There are no breading choices. Extra crispy is the dominion of KFC, and spicy cajun belongs to Popeye's. Sandwiches don’t exist, and everything comes with Cane’s sauce, a crowd-pleasing peach-colored mayo-ish dip. Vats of ketchup sit by the soda fountain, but if you're putting ketchup on chicken… let’s just say someone'd better be cutting your food for you, too. 

The idea that more than 440 of these restaurants in 27 U.S. states and six countries exist is a confounding travesty for anyone not paralyzed by deciding how to dress a bird for eating. Raising Cane’s simple concept has made it the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the United States, with over $1 billion in sales. 

Yet somehow, Raising Cane’s still feels like someone took Popeye’s and applied a Taylor Swift filter on it?

No matter how you feel about America’s rising fast-food chicken king, raise a finger (you decide which one, and what it’s made of) or maybe a cane (if you, too, are crotchety in spirit) to commemorate National Chicken Finger Day.

Just don’t forget to set an alarm Friday night to make it in time.