Coffee Festival announces best coffee, tea, and treat winners REVISED

Part of the Coffee Festival 2010 crowd

Part of the Coffee Festival 2010 crowd

** This item ran with incorrect info last week - Peet's Coffee actually won the regular brew award. Hot Dish is sorry and has revised the article to reflect their win.

Coffee Festival 2010 was held on November 20 at Calhoun Square and had a record turnout. The crowds scuttled through the first and second floors of the building, tasting and judging coffee, tea, and treats as well as checking out cutting-edge home brewing equipment. The $10 entry fee bought fest-goers a commemorative mug, the right to vote on the competition, and a donation to Second Harvest.

That's all well and good, you say, but who won the coveted Best Coffee, Tea, and Treat awards? Here are the winners and a look at the event.

The Hot Dish got in a full day of caffeine-related noshing and drinking. Starting with a tasty bite of coffee-smoked pork tenderloin in a raspberry brandy pan sauce, courtesy of the Kitchen Window, we moved on to savor some beverages. While others attended the Alakef coffee cuppings in the Maple Classroom on the second floor and Andrew Kopplin's latte art lessons near the cooking school, the Hot Dish went straight for the samples.

In addition to the basics, there was much to try, including hot chocolate, bread pudding, frozen mochas, Cabaret brewed chocolate (interesting), Italian sodas, and more. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon--eating and drinking for charity.

And the winners in the five major categories? Here's how the public voted:

Best Regular Brew - Peet's Coffee
Best Specialty Brew - Coffee Queen Coffee

Best Decaf Brew - Flamenco Organic Coffee Co.
Best Tea - TeaSource

and last but not least...

Best Treat - The Cake Diva

Other notables at the event were Muddy Paws Cheesecake, Peace Coffee and The Republic of Tea. The Hot Dish especially enjoyed the shiny gadgets on display that roast, grind, and brew to varying degrees of perfection.

It was like the county fair of coffee and tea -- delicious and informative, but low-key and welcoming.