Cocktails at FIKA: Try This Festive Scandi Sipper


When you think of cocktails, FIKA is probably not the first bar that comes to mind. In fact, the eatery at the American Swedish Institute doesn't even have a bar or a bartender.

General manager Emily Garber, an alum of Harriet Brasserie, took over creating cocktails for FIKA last year from former manager Brie Roland. You might be surprised to know that the New Nordic restaurant has more than 10 unique craft cocktails on the menu, plus house-made glögg and craft beer.

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Garber considers both the season as well as ASI's exhibits and programming when creating new drinks. Far from a classically trained bartender, she draws inspiration from the vibrant chefs and creative bartenders in the Twin Cities, as well as the amazing scratch Nordic cooking at FIKA. Garber admits that she doesn't know the "correct" way of making drinks. Her approach is more experimental, taking classic Nordic flavors and turning them on their heads.

What's in your glass? Emily Garber: To All a Good Night

Inspired by the depths of winter and the holidays, To All a Good Night fuses and reinvents traditional Swedish drinks. "This cocktail takes all of the Swedish alcoholic beverages, namely Aquavit, Punsch, and glögg, and unites them in this really surprising way," says Garber. This drink packs quite a punch, starting icy and bright, then finishing with a spicy warmth. "Both energizing and refreshing, To All a Good Night is a welcome change from the heavy, spiced hot drinks you find this time of year."


To All a Good Night 1.5 oz Gamle Ode Celebration Aquavit .75 oz Kronan Swedish Punsch .75 oz glögg syrup .75 oz lemon juice 2 drops Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters strip of orange peel

Shake all ingredients together vigorously with ice. Strain into a wine glass (up). Garnish with an orange twist.

Shake up a batch of these beauties for a little holiday cheer, or get yourself to FIKA this weekend for a To All a Good Night cocktail and lunch. Take a stroll through the Winter Wonderland Nordic Christmas exhibit at the historic Turnblad Mansion and pretend you're Swedish for the day. Though in Minnesota, you might already be Swedish.

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