Co-ops should give bottled water the boot


Benetton reminds us that the US uses 2 million plastic beverage bottles every five minutes.

We already know that "pure" bottled water isn't always so, especially if it's packaged in plastic. (If you think there's something wrong with tap, realize that's where most bottled water comes from, anyway.) Of course, there's the environmental aspect, too--making and transporting all those bottles of water is simply a massive waste of resources.


In light of all this, a TC Daily Planet blogger asks a good question: Why does my co-op offer bottled water?

Author Susu Jeffrey, founder of Friends of Coldwater, Hennepin County's last natural spring, went to the Wedge with her question. She found that the Wedge's bottled water sales have gone down about 30 percent in the past year (shelf space has decreased accordingly) and proceeded to inventory the Wedge's water stock, which, she points out, includes Coca-Cola and Nestle products.

Jeffrey quotes the Wedge's membership services manager Elizabeth Archerd, who puts the power into the hands of the people: "We always follow our members." So if you're a Wedge member who thinks the co-op probably shouldn't stock it, as I do, vote with your pocketbook and keep your paws off those pretty little bottles of sparkling Gerolsteiner.