City: Viral video of Minneapolis cafe with chicken in a mop sink is bogus


Patricia Kunjan's Monday Facebook post had a photo, two videos, and one impassioned paragraph.

The Minneapolis woman said she'd worked at Olympic Cafe for seven years. There's actually two in the city, but Kunjan didn't specify.

Kunjan wrote that during a recent shift she'd gone into the establishment's basement "to get something." During this trip, according to her post, she made one unsavory discovery: a mop sink chock full of what looked like well thawed-out chicken wings.


Luckily, Kunjan said, she had her phone along. She brought it to her boss' attention, according to the post, but management wasn't having it.  

"They just fired me for standing up for my community and my black people." 

Kunjan claimed when she brought the chicken situation to her boss, "he fired me." Termination wouldn't stop Kunjan from educating the public. Via social media, the world would come to know the truth.

People should stop eating at and "supporting" Olympic Cafe, she wrote, "if not for me for your family." She also encouraged people to "please share" her story. They did: As of Wednesday morning, the post was shared by more than 3,500 Facebook accounts, and her short videos viewed more than 300,000 times.


Thousands have posted comments on the original post, and many took their issue with the disturbing videos directly to Olympic.

Others took up the matter with the city of Minneapolis... which is now saying the whole thing is total bullshit.

After being tipped off about what Kunjan had allegedly discovered, the Minneapolis Health Department dispatched personnel to two Olympic Cafe locations, both of which are on West Broadway Avenue in north Minneapolis.

According to spokesman Casper Hill, "The city investigated a complaint based on the video and concluded that the footage was not taken at either of the Olympic Café restaurants." 

Messages left for Olympic Cafe's owner were not returned. Kunjan could not be reached for comment.