City Pages seeking editorial interns for Summer 2014

Believe it or not, summer is rapidly approaching. We know it's tempting to spend summer vacation longboarding, attending the occasional house party, and catching up on all the sleep you lost during finals week, but now is the perfect opportunity to hone in on your writing skills and get experience in a professional workplace.

That's where we come in. City Pages is looking for a handful of editorial interns for the summer. In addition to the occasional transcription and database entry, you'll be encouraged to go out into the world and find stories worth telling, whether that brings you to a posh new restaurant, a show at First Avenue, or the back of a stranger's limousine on desperate search for black market camel milk. As an intern, you'll attend pitch meetings, work with professional journalists, write blog posts, and potentially be published in our weekly print edition.

To apply, send us your cover letter, resume, and a few of your best writing samples. Our internships require up to 20 hours of work per week, and you'll have to receive school credit of some sort, whether through an internship course or directed study. We can help you navigate that, too.

We are currently looking for general editorial interns, with a special emphasis on interns eager to contribute to our food blog, the Hot Dish. Let us know what you're interested in when you send in your resume, cover letter, and clips.

Interested in applying? Have pressing questions? Contact me, Emily Eveland, or our managing editor, Hannah Sayle with any and all inquiries.

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