Citizen Cafe in Standish Neighborhood to Become Pilgrimage Cafe

Citizen Cafe is now Pilgrimage Cafe

Citizen Cafe is now Pilgrimage Cafe

The buzz is true: The beloved little Standish neighborhood Citizen Cafe is no more. Husband and wife duo Michael and Seaen MacKay ran the restaurant together for six years, and served the sort of crowd-pleasing, scratch comfort food that attracts a neighborhood following -- a sloppy Joe encased in puff pastry, Challah French toast, hand cut fries.

They touted their restaurant as "a cafe for the people."

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Perhaps a little spice and global inspiration will keep diners more engaged?

Chef Craig Ball, most recently sous chef at Mattie's on Main, is advertising "globally inspired comfort foods" on his webpage, explaining that he's inspired by his travels, and aims to serve "your favorite comfort foods but with a worldly twist." He plans to open his concept, under the name Pilgrimage Cafe, in the space sometime in early December.

No menu has been published yet, but the site describes small plates, "traditional dishes," and fusion cuisine inspired by Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Japan, and the Caribbean, "to name a few," all translated through a Midwestern lens.

Chef Craig Ball of Pilgrimage Cafe

Chef Craig Ball of Pilgrimage Cafe

"It will remind you of home but surprise you with something completely unexpected."

They're also promising a large wine selection, three seasonal taps, and craft beer by the bottle.

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