Chrysanthemum juice at Bangkok Thai: Drink of the week

Chrysanthemum juice $2 Bangkok Thai 315 University Ave. W., St. Paul 651.224.4300

In an usual mosaic-covered building on University Avenue, some of the most mind-blowingly delicious and authentic Thai food is served. This place falls into that "hole-in-the-wall" category. The menu is extensive--pages and pages with pictures of most items for the "afraid to ask." The heat of the spice makes you pant like a dog, face red and sweat droplets pooling. Heaven.

To balance that heat, try the chrysanthemum juice.

The drink is the color of watery ice tea, but don't let that fool you--the flavor is full and fragrant. We love the idea of any drink infused with flowers, so this was a natural choice. The flavor is just kissed by floral--honeyed, yet not too overpowering or sweet. A very pleasant surprise can be found stepping into this colorful building filled with lush Thai food and flower-flavored drinks.

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