Christos's Saganaki: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 84

Burn, baby, burn

Burn, baby, burn

Hot, flaming cheese. Does an appetizer get more mouthwatering--or more dangerous--than the saganaki at Christos?


Order the $8.95 app and an adept waiter brings a pan of gooey kasseri cheese to your table and proceeds to douse it in brandy, flambé the cheese with flair (feel free to shout "opa!" if the feeling takes hold) and then extinguishes the flames with a squeeze of lemon. Luckily, the delight doesn't end there: diners are left with a melted pile of smooth cheese to spread on pita bread for as long as it lasts.

CHRISTOS 2632 Nicollet Ave S Minneapolis 612.871.2111

15600 Highway 7 Minnetonka 952.912.1000

Union Depot Place 214 Fourth Street East St. Paul 651.224.6000

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