Chris Kallal guilty of identity fraud, sentenced to 120 days in the workhouse

Almost two years after being charged, Twin Cities foodie Chris Kallal has been found guilty of stealing his ex-girlfriend's identity.

Kallal, the former Metromix reporter and co-founder of public relations firm Twincy, must pay $22,576 in restitution and serve up to five years of probation.

He was also sentenced to 120 days in the Hennepin County workhouse beginning this Thursday, which could be served through house arrest and work release, according to court records.

We first chronicled Kallal's legal troubles in our October 6 news story, The Secret Life of Chris Kallal. According to charges, Kallal stole the identity of his girlfriend, Alyssa Geronsin, and used it to rack up a $39,000 bill in her name.

"It was so bizarre," Geronsin told City Pages last fall. "This happens in movies and on TV."

After months of suspicion, Geronsin finally found out about the identity theft after discovering that Kallal had been living another life with a second girlfriend just a few blocks away. In Kallal's other apartment, Geronsin found bills to credit cards in her name, she says.

Kallal was charged with felony mail and identity theft in January 2010, though the mail theft charge was later dropped.

When he failed to show up for a February 2010 court date, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Geronsin helped orchestrate Kallal's arrest at his Twincy launch party.

"It was a good feeling," Geronsin said in an interview after the arrest. "I kind of felt like it was an appropriate dramatic ending to a highly dramatic saga."

Kallal was sentenced for the felony charge in late September.

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