Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Chipotle News: A Lawsuit or a $3 Burrito?

Step right up to this choose-your-own-adventure. Love Chipotle? Skip ahead to the part about $3 burritos. Hate Chipotle and want to stoke the flame of hatred in your heart? Read on.

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The not-so-tasty part:

Earlier this week, news broke that a Minneapolis man is suing Chipotle, alleging that he and his fellow employees at the Golden Valley location were forced to work off the clock. According to the suit, the plaintiff and others were ordered to continue working after they had clocked out and were not paid for the additional hours. Training sessions and regular staff meetings were conducted off the clock, and the plaintiff estimates as many as 10 to 15 hours a week went uncompensated.

According to the Strib, the plaintiff is also asking that the court grant his suit class-action status, which would open up the potential payout to tens of thousands of current or former employees. The suit is especially noteworthy for a chain restaurant that, as the Strib points out, highly touts its ethical sourcing of ingredients.

The tasty part for those of you who skipped that whole mess about the class action suit:

Chipotle is once again hosting its Halloween-themed Boorito celebration. Wear a costume to any Chipotle location on Friday, October 31, and get $3 burritos, bowls, salads, tacos or kids meals. Proceeds go toward the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

Time to dust off that class action litigator costume and go claim your god-given right to cheap burritos. Do it in the name of a holiday where people dress up like things they aren't and ethical fast-casual chains are not always what they seem. Spooky.

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