Chocolat Celeste's dazzling confections in a sweet new slideshow



Michelle Leon

As Chocolat Celeste settles in its new St. Paul space, heavenly creations emerge from the kitchen with that perfect chocolate shine. Chocolat Celeste elevates chocolate making into a fine art, specializing in truffles--ganache-based delights.

CEO/Chocolatier Mary Leonard gave us a little schooling in all things chocolate, explaining the characteristic snap of fine chocolate--the nice, crisp bite you get when you are tasting very fine chocolate, and also proudly showing us the new 200-pound auto-tempering tank, which controls the formation of perfect chocolate crystals. At Chocolat Celeste, they do not mess around.

What's new in the shop for the holidays? Try sea salt caramels, peppermint or cinnamon bon bons, tiny turtles, ingredient chocolate to make your own truffles, and the stunning new Pan Asian Collection: Kona coffee, ginger citrus, plum wine, edible pearl, golden palace pineapple, Asian pear pecan, and cherry blossom truffles. As if all that were not enough, everything at Chocolat Celeste is also gluten free. Take a sweet peek at all the celestial offerings in this new Chocolat Celeste slideshow.

Chocolat Celeste 652 Transfer Road, St. Paul 651.644.3823