Chobani issues voluntary recall for Greek yogurt

Chobani issues voluntary recall for Greek yogurt
bpende via Flickr

Greek yogurt purveyor Chobani has issued a voluntary recall of its yogurt.

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The products involved were manufactured at Chobani's Idaho location and contain mold that the company says is commonly found in dairy environments.

The offending products have been taken off of grocery store shelves, but the official recall has been issued for customers who may still have the contaminated yogurt in their homes.

While it's not clear where all the shipments from the Idaho plant ended up, Chobani urges any customers with yogurt cups bearing the code 16-012 and best-by dates between September 11 and October 7 to throw away the products and contact customer service.

In late August, customers began complaining about the quality of Chobani's Greek yogurt. Some posted on the company's Facebook page saying that their yogurt had taken on a fizzy or fermented quality.

The company's CEO took to Facebook earlier this morning to issue a formal apology.

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