Chipotle is hiring 4,000 people on September 9

You got mad burrito skillz? Chipotle needs you.

You got mad burrito skillz? Chipotle needs you.

Business is always good if you're Chipotle, but that doesn't mean that the biggest name in burritos is immune to the nationwide culinary industry shortage. 

The company already employs over 60,000 human beings, but evidently that isn't enough to keep those burritos steadily a'rollin', lunch hour after lunch hour. They need 4,000 more employees, and they aim to hire them all in one day. Hey, they didn't get this far by resting on their laurels. 

Think you got what it takes? Maybe you do — Chipotle says it values "attitude over experience" and no experience is required to apply or be hired. 

That's positive attitude, people, and Chipotle hires its people on 13 personality "characteristics": conscientiousness, respect, hospitality, energy, "infectious enthusiasm," happiness, presentability, smarts, manners, motivation, ambition, curiosity, and honesty. 

If you don't feel under-qualified already, head over to any U.S. Chipotle location on September 9 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and management will be on site to offer interviews to up to 60 people, on the spot. 

Preregister here. 

And remember, if hired, you're to remain "infectiously enthusiastic" even while enduring clientele shenanigans like this one. 

Good luck, and when we visit, we'll be anticipating that extra large guacamole dollop. 

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