Chino Latino outdoes itself with new recession deal


A decent proxy image for what could easily be far more graphic. Also a pretty cool camera. John Kratz/Flickr

In case you missed Chino Latino's recent "Munch tuna without blowing a wad" special, starting Wednesday, the no-holds-barred restaurant will begin exploiting the connotations of tuna to a slightly different end.

Through the end of the month, the restaurant will be offering "pink tacos for pink slips," aimed at those who have recently lost their jobs. Flash a termination notice and you will receive a "freshly assembled mini-taco consisting of a crispy wonton shell filled with spicy tuna tartare and citrus aioli," the restaurant says.

Fortunately (?) the term "pink slip" is open to interpretation. According to an announcement the restaurant released about the special, diners have been bringing in rose-colored lingerie items in place of actual termination notices in order to score a taco.

And in fact, it seems to matter little to the restaurant whether or not you've even been sacked at all: The cheap thrill of hearing diners utter the words "pink taco" for their raunchy freebie is enough. "We don't require proof. It's just enough to ask for a pink taco, and we'll take you at your word," Chef Noah Barton says in the announcement.

And in case you thought Chino Latino beat anyone to the punch with their witty double entendre, there's actually a Pink Taco restaurant chain alive and well in parts of the west, only their interpretation of the tacos is decidedly more G-rated: grilled chicken and pinto beans with pickled pink onions, avocado and salsa.