Chino Latino offers aphrodisiac dinner

Chino wants to put sexy foods on your plate.

Chino wants to put sexy foods on your plate.

It's been a month since Valentine's Day, and you already let the fire die down into a little pile of ash, didn't you? Well, here's the spark you can use to reignite your love life:

Chino Latino's new chef Tuan Nguyen has put together an aphrodisiac dinner on March 31 at 7 p.m., featuring foods designed to, well, as they say "awaken animal impulses" (that description has been assigned to the ancho-dusted wild boar).

Check out the menu and the particulars:


Start with a spicy sangrita oyster shooter ("to enhance male turgidity!"), then try the rocket salad ("to ignite female arousal"), before moving in to the Chilean sea bass with curried asparagus ("to short-circuit contraceptives"). Whoa, there, Tiger! What was that last one? Hopefully, nine months from now, Nguyen doesn't find out he's the "grandfather" of a bunch of love children.

Then there's the wild boar, followed by a chocolate covered banana with various chocolate garnishes. The meal costs $60 a person and includes paired cocktails. Enjoy the Year of the Rabbit and call 612.824.PUPU to reserve!!