Chino Latino apologizes, reworks offensive advertisement

A change of heart: Chino Latino's new ad
A change of heart: Chino Latino's new ad

Last week we ran a story about Chino Latino's offensive ad campaign for its latest Indian street food-themed menu and the outcry it prompted in the Desi community, as those from the Indian subcontinent refer to themselves. A Facebook group, "Hipsters Against Parasole," quickly formed, and a very vocal spokesperson, Christy Spillman George, took charge of the cause and contacted us on behalf of members of the Minnesota Bollywood Association. She expressed her disappointment in the "unfunny references to hurtful historical events and reinforcements of ugly stereotypes" in Chino Latino's ad, asking that the company rework the copy and issue an apology.

Considering the company's history of inflammatory slogans, billboards, and marketing ploys, it seemed the odds were not in her favor, but a follow-up with Spillman George proved otherwise.

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Spillman George writes: "We were contacted by Kip Clayton, VP of marketing for Parasole, and Philip Gleason, GM of Chino Latino. They apologized and reworked their ad campaign."

The revised ad has no mention of untouchables, scimitars, slumdog, or job openings in the field of information technology (see former ad at left), and instead has replaced that copy with a list that reads:

  • Desi cocktails
  • Taj Mahal & Kingfisher Beer
  • Amrut Fusion Whiskey

The response from the company has not gone unnoticed by the Desi community. "I am hopeful that this is a step in a new marketing direction for the company," writes Spillman George. "We enjoy their irreverent atmosphere, but feel sometimes lines are crossed. There are many ways to have edgy marketing that creates a stir without demoralizing whole groups of people."

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