Chino crosses a new line


Passing by 29th and Lyndale in south Minneapolis, I noticed this new Chino Latino billboard:

Chino's billboards based on racial and sexual stereotypes have been a source of controversy for years and, while I've found much of the toilet humor amusing, some of the comments, to me, crossed the line. Knowing the problems Southeast Asia faces with child prostitution, a happy hour that's "cheaper than a Bangkok brothel" really isn't so funny.

After Chino paid $325,000 last year to settle a discrimination lawsuit regarding alleged mistreatment of Hispanic employees, I wondered if Parasole might tone things down...not likely considering the CEO once referred to billboard protesters as "bedwetting hippies."

Why could I grin at the recent Lake/Hennepin Figlio billboard with the drag queen who's been "working the corner" for decades, and laugh out loud about the one on 44th/France that says the oysters at Salut are "taking the E.D. out of Edina," but find this one so unsettling?

I think part of it was related to the double standard related to sexually promiscuous men and women. But most of it had to do with the fact that the phrase "damaged goods" is a term that's been applied to rape victims, both by others and by the victims themselves, and seeing the phrase used to sell food and drink is something I find hard to stomach.