Chicago dude ate only sausage pizza for a month


In a feat not unlike Morgan Spurlock's month-long consumption of McDonald's only -- sans the politics -- a Chicago-area man dubbed "Pizza Boy" ate sausage pizza only for the entire month of October. He should have fulfilled his mission at some point over this past weekend.

More than halfway in, dude was going strong. The Chicago Tribune reported:

At first, LTHForum foodies were convinced no mortal could eat only pizza for one month. Alas, they failed to reckon with the awesome gastrointestinal fortitude of "Pizza Boy," as Scharoff is now known.

Weeks into his pizza-only diet, Scharoff is hanging tough. Showing no signs of palate fatigue, he boasts, "Pizza has always been my favorite food. Now, I'm getting paid to eat it."

Follow his admirable progress throughout the month, and check out some of the awesome-looking pizzas he chowed down on. Now that's some fortitude, dude!