Chef Todd Macdonald leaves Italy for Burgerville

Will Red Cow mean blue skies for Todd McDonald?

Will Red Cow mean blue skies for Todd McDonald?

Well, there's a move we didn't see coming. Todd Macdonald, formerly of superb Parella, jumping ship for...burgers? 

Macdonald spent many years running high-profile Italian places in New York prior to landing back here in his hometown, where he opened Parella, with its excellent regional Italian cooking. Superb as it was, it never seemed to achieve the heights that Macdonald's cooking prowess indicated it should have, possibly because too many similar concepts were cropping up all at once (Il Foro, Scena, Monello, Lela, Italian Eatery, and soon-to-be Mucci's).

But the insatiability of our lust for burgers is one sure bet, regardless of how many beef slingers crop up. So Macdonald will be the new executive chef of Red Cow, perhaps an odd move for Macdonald, but a total score for Red Cow. Like Tim McKee landing at Parasole, this could mean big things for burgers around here. (We have enjoyed Red Cow's everyman's vibe, where wine flows on tap and burgers come arrayed with creative garnishes, but we always felt it needed a little shove to achieve greatness.)

Macdonald also told us that he is partnering with Red Cow owner Luke Shimp on another new concept, but was mum on details. He remains a silent investor at Parella, and tells us that for now, they will continue to operate with the current kitchen staff and menu. 

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