Chef Shack owners are selling their food trucks and restaurant

E. Katie Holm

E. Katie Holm

Life on the ranch can be pretty damn tough—even if that "ranch" is actually "a restaurant and fleet of food trucks."

Just ask Chef Shack Ranch co-owners and chefs Lisa Carlson and Carrie Summer, who, after a decade of long hours and hard work, plan to sell their trio of trucks and brick-and-mortar Minneapolis restaurant, the Star Tribune reports.

“We started talking about this nine months ago and both Lisa and I came to the conclusion that something had to give,” Summer tells the Strib. “When we’re doing a lot of things, it’s a challenge, and we wanted to get some of our time back.”

Carlson and Summer have been tooling around town in trucks since there was just one other food truck on the road, according to that Strib report. Two stationary locations followed—first in Wisconsin, then Minneapolis in 2013—where its down-home charm and farm-to-table comfort food was a hit. (We'll never forget you, Big Boy Ranch Plate.)

The news will certainly bum out fans of the lovable little Seward joint, known for, among other favorites, its now-famous Indian-spiced mini-doughnuts and some of the best biscuits in town. You'll still be able to get said doughnuts this winter at the Mill City Farmers Market, and they'll continue hosting special events at 3025 E. Franklin Ave. until the sale goes through. Wisconsin's Chef Shack, the seasonal Chef Shack Bay City, will also remain open.

Speaking of sale: Want to buy the restaurant and/or a few of those trucks? Asking price is $195,000; more info here