Chef Shack II makes its debut


Just got a call from Carrie Summer who told me that she and Lisa Carlson are expecting to debut their brand new food vending mobile, Chef Shack Dos, within a couple of weeks. Dos was a former taco truck (it looks a little like a FedEx truck, with the cab connected to the trailer) and it'll be staffed by Carlson and a few other pals while Summer continues to run the original shack. Dos will have several new menu items, too, including things like zuchini lasanga, beet salad, grilled romaine salad, a charcuterie plate, and a reprisal of an "urban s'more" that hasn't been since Summer worked at Spoonriver. "People have been crying for it for years," Summer says of the decadent treat that combines hand-made graham crackers and marshmallows with star anise ganache, caramel sauce, and chocolate ice cream--I, for one, can not wait!!

Summer says they hope to debut Dos in early September and she'll let us know as soon as the date is definite, so stay tuned...

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