Chef Shack expanding its reach

I just talked to Carrie Summer, who gave me some good news: She's no longer doing pastry for Taher, Inc. and plans to focus 100% on Chef Shack this summer. Woo hoo! That means Chef Shack will be expanding its menu--Summer hopes to start making ice cream using Castle Rock cream, in lots of rich, full-fat or, as she says, "naughty" flavors ("when I do lighter things, people don't respond as well")--and expanding their geographic reach. In addition to their regular Saturday gig at Mill City Farmers Market, Summer and Lisa Carlson will be at the Kingfield Farmers Market, which kicks off this Sunday, and they're also in the process of setting up a Thursday night dinner spot in Minneapolis, so stay tuned.

As for this weekend, I'm having a helluva time deciding if I'm going to order a softshell crab sandwich or the bison burger with artisan cheddar and miso caramel glazed bacon--likely I'll do both!

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