Chef Shack dreams big with new plans, Minneapolis roll-out

From their humble trailer to our happy bellies.
From their humble trailer to our happy bellies.

Chef Shack, brought to you by our favorite ladies of summer, chefs Carrie Summer and Lisa Carlson, bring our Cities the many joys of street food that we have been sorely missing. With meat and produce from area farms, Chef Shack's upscale burgers and dogs, Indian spiced donuts, and homemade pickled condiments have begun a new and welcome street-food revolution--and its owners have more big plans in the works.

Summer and Carlson are rolling out new dishes this week, planning their imminent expansion to Minneapolis, and toying with the idea of caravanning with some of their street-food friends to create a traveling food court. Here's where to catch them this week, plus the lowdown on some of their upcoming projects.

When asked about the advantages of trailer vs. restaurant, Carlson said, "This way, we work when we want, and that is very freeing." In the final phases of getting through the rigorous licensing process for street food vendors in Minneapolis, Carlson says they are very close, and hope to be ready to roll up to Fifth and Hennepin next week.

This week, Carlson and Summer have several stops planned in their freshly painted trailer, Vita. They are especially keen to dish a cold Asian duck noodle salad, made with Wild Acres Farm ducks. Sunday brings pigs ears and duck egg hash to the menu for the hangover crowd at the Uptown Farmers Market. "And Carrie made a burnt caramel vanilla ice cream that is off the chain," added Carlson.

Carlson told us that a traveling food court with their friends from The Magic Bus, Dandelion Kitchen, and She Royal, is the next dream project. They will most likely be looking to St. Paul for the endeavor, since it is hard to find a large enough spot to park in Minneapolis. "We want to make it a whole scene. It really helps to have people talking about it."

You can catch Chef Shack curbside this week: Wed., June 23--Rice Park, St. Paul, 11am-1:30pm Thurs., June 24--Mears Park, St. Paul, 11am-1:30pm Fri., June 25- In front of MPR at 9th and Minnesota in St. Paul, 11am-1:30pm Sat., June 26--Mill City & Northeast Markets Sun., June 27--Kingfield & Uptown Markets You can keep up with Chef Shack on Twitter to confirm times and locations.

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