Chef Sarah Master's New North Woods Restaurant Mr. Roberts Resort

Mr. Roberts Resort will serve north woods-influenced dishes with a modern twist

Mr. Roberts Resort will serve north woods-influenced dishes with a modern twist

You can take a girl out of the north woods, but you can't take the north woods out of the girl. There's a singular fantasy that tends to haunt those of us who grew up spending summers sailing into a lake on a rope swing, lazing about on a hammock, roasting things on sticks over fires, and snarfing up sunfish. You grow up and sometimes think, "What if that could be grownup life, forever? What if I could make a resort, make a living, and never have to leave the endless summer?

We are pleased to report that chef Sarah Master (formerly of Barbette) is going to be doing just that, so if you've ever wanted to combine the revelry of a north woods cabin experience with some gourmet cookin', you're in luck for this cabin season if you just head up to Master's new venture, Mr. Roberts Resort.

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The Pengilly (it's in the Iron Range) native and new resort owner in the same town says she's been dreaming of this move for a long time. She'll be partnering with Dan Beckwith, who she met working in the Kim Bartmann empire.

Mr. Roberts boasts all the stuff a week at the cabin requires and then some: restaurant, bar, RV setups, cabins, grab-and-go catering for boaters, banquet space, grills, firepits, yard games!

As for the cooking, the chef will maintain strong Midwestern influence while incorporating the classic technique she has honed via her culinary education, a tenure in New Orleans at the heralded Bayona and the Ritz-Carlton, and of course her long stint at Barbette.

Menu sneak peeks include macaroni & cheese-stuffed meatloaf, smelt fries, venison stroganoff, and a lamb bacon BLT. Masters says they'll also make heavy use of an "old world" brick smokehouse. These are the flavors she grew up eating, with a modern twist.

Opening date is set for June 1. The resort will be open year-round, and will serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and late-night menus.

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