Chef Ryan Stechschulte leaves Lucia's for Nicollet Island Inn

Ryan Stechschulte returns to classic cuisine
Ryan Stechschulte returns to classic cuisine

Courtesy Nicollet Island Inn
After a stint as sous chef at perennial favorite farm-to-table cafe Lucia's in Uptown, chef Ryan Stechschulte is returning to his former restaurant, Nicollet Island Inn, but this time he'll be taking the helm as executive chef.

Here's a bit more about Stechschulte and the changes he has planned for the next few months. 

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In 2004 Stechschulte took a position as a grill cook at Nicollet Island and spent the next five years working his way up the ranks, eventually taking over as sous chef. When Stechschulte got an opportunity to help open the very chef-driven gastropub Victory 44, he left the Inn and established himself as a champion of contemporary cuisine. He then went on to become the executive chef at the ill-fated Harry's Food and Cocktails before taking on his most recent gig as the sous chef at Lucia's.

Blending all the styles and techniques he gained from working at these various restaurants over the years, Stechschulte will start implementing some changes to the Inn's menu starting in January. Nicollet is not looking to change its long-running reputation for producing classic, romantic, holiday-themed menus or elegant lunch and brunch, but Stechschulte is aiming to up the luxury factor with his New Year's menu, which will include lots of lobster and chocolate-based dishes.

The Inn's regular dinner and tasting menus are still available, but Stechschulte has already redesigned weekend dining, so customers can get the five-course brunch on Saturday or Sunday or get casual lunch or breakfast at any time during the weekend. He'll also be offering an of-the-moment chef special dish on the weekend menu.

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