Chef Erick Harcey (Victory 44, Upton 43) plans third restaurant in Longfellow


Erick Harcey's two Minneapolis restaurants grace opposite ends of the city, and he's got his eye on a third neighborhood. City Pages

The good news for residents of the Longfellow neighborhood is award-winning chef Erick Harcey is moving in.

Harcey plans to open a spacious restaurant in a proposed mixed-use development at 46th St. and Hiawatha Ave. The only bad news? They’ll have to wait until 2018 to enjoy it.

The restaurant will be part of a new five-story building just a few blocks from Minnehaha Park, near the Blue Line light rail’s 46th St. station.

The development is also slated to include 150 apartments and a grocery store yet to be named. The developer, Oppidan, will start construction in 2018 pending approval from the city.

Many details on the restaurant are still undetermined, but plans call for a 4,000-square-foot venue with a patio. In a press release, Harcey said, “My team and I are looking forward to bringing an approachable space to the area and a destination for all.”

Harcey, City Pages' choice for best chef in the Twin Cities in this year's Best of issue, is the chef-owner behind Victory 44, a neighborhood fixture in North Minneapolis since 2009, known for its Perfect Burger.

At the critically acclaimed Upton 43 in Linden Hills, Harcey serves his take on Minnesota-meets-Sweden dishes. In a quirky twist, there’s a chicken takeout shop called The Dirty Bird out back in the alley.

The new restaurant will be in good company. Other neighborhood eateries include Town Talk Diner & Gastropub, The Original, and Hi-Lo Diner.


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