Chef Brenda Langton Is Teaching a Three-Night Class That Could Change The Way You Cook

Would you cook this for your family? Spoonriver's Brenda Langton can show you how.

Would you cook this for your family? Spoonriver's Brenda Langton can show you how.

Brenda Langton is one of those chefs who's been cranking away for so long, and so efficiently, she is a like well-oiled machine who truly does not need to do anything "extra" if she doesn't want to. Her brand is solid, her customer base is loyal; she's made it.

Which is why she only teaches this cooking course once per year. So if you are the sort of person who is constantly seeking the holy grail of what to feed your family, how to do it deliciously, efficiently, and healthfully, then read on.

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Langton's cuisine at Spoon River (and prior to that at Cafe Brenda) is the kind of thing that's colorful, fresh, lovely, flavorful, and good for you. But that last point does not get crammed down your throat. The robust flavors, the colors, the texture; it all gets you quite convinced that eating healthy is a treat, not a punishment. And this is the way life outta be, no?

It's good for you, sure, but you tend to forget about that while dining, sort of like how you feel while eating on an Asian vacation: shrimp and chive dumplings with ginger dipping sauce, Udon salad with peanut-lemongrass dressing, red curry with apple-mint chutney. You always mean to get it all figured out when vacation is over, but then you fall back into eating toaster strudel and sending the kids off to school with goldfish crackers.

So this is a huge opportunity to tinker in the kitchen with her, for three entire nights, and arm yourself with an entire repertoire of new tricks to dazzle the kids, the neighbors... even the cat's gonna want to know what you're up to.

Here's what the course offers:

1. You'll learn menus, not just recipes.

2. You'll learn how to shop differently. Hate grocery shopping? Become inspired. Langston will coax it out of you in this course.

3. Emerge armed with over 30 recipes.

4. Why does healthy cooking and eating matter, anyway? She'll dig deep into that subject, too, and licensed nutritionist Carolyn Denton will co-instruct.

5. What kinds of food? Creative breakfasts, wholesome snacks, and easy lunch and dinner meals, all designed around plant-based protiens, fish, grass-fed meat, and fermentations. Even desserts prepared without refined sugar!

6. Enroll now; time's a wastin'. You'll even get a free cookbook with the deal. $315, March 24 and 31, and April 7 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Cooks of Crocus Hill St. Paul. For reservations and registration.

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