comScore is cheesy, but useful


The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board launched a new interactive website to help pair wine, beer, and spirits--everything from port to porters to Pinot Noir--with cheese.

The setup at is a little, ahem, cheesy--turn the sound off to make it tolerable--but it is a nice starting place for getting some ideas of what sort of matchmaking you can do. Their suggestions include:

- Champagne, pairs perfectly with rich, creamy Brie or buttery Gouda. - The smoky notes in scotch contrast nicely with an earthy blue cheese, creamy Cheddar or full-bodied Gruyere. - Try a dark stout beer with a pungent aged Brick or sharp Provolone. - The slight sweetness of brandy complements nutty Parmesan and mild, delicate Butterkäse.