Cheers! Gov. Dayton legalizes Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota

Clink! We did it, we finally did it. [Photo: Star Tribune file]

Clink! We did it, we finally did it. [Photo: Star Tribune file]

Bottoms up, Minnesota. 

On Tuesday afternoon Gov. Mark Dayton signed a bill into law that ends Minnesota's eight-decade ban on Sunday liquor sales. Come July 2, liquor stores will have the option to remain open on Sundays, and you'll have the option of giving them money in exchange for sweet, sweet weekend booze. 

“This new law reflects the desires of most people in Minnesota, who have made it clear to their legislators that they want to have this additional option,” Dayton said in Tuesday's press release. 

Lt. Gov. Tina Smith, who's expected to run for governor and should therefore be taking popular positions, was more rah-rah with her supplied quote:

“This commonsense change will give Minnesota consumers and communities more choice, and will give Minnesotans more opportunity to support businesses and economies across our state, rather than across the border."  

The ban-killing bill passed the House (88-39) and Senate (38-28) last month with bipartisan support on its way to Dayton's desk. The governor had previously voiced support for such a bill.  

Prohibition-era "Blue Laws" banning Sunday liquor sales now exist in only 11 states. Sunday automobile sales remain banned in Minnesota, so we're still weirdos in at least one area. 

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