Check out deez nuts: SSSDUDE-NUTZ Donuts now open in Dinkytown

Square, round or parallelogram, just give us our donuts.

Square, round or parallelogram, just give us our donuts.

Try to stick a square peg into a round hole and what do you get? Frustration, generally, but today: delight!

Sssdude-Nutz Donutz has quietly opened in Dinkytown. The shop is owned and operated by a couple recent U of M grads, and their offerings have an unconventional shape. These donuts have gone square. And because they can, they're piling the things with whatever they want— Fruity Pebbles, graham crackers, whipped frosting, crushed Butterfingers, Oreos.

Can they be any good? Evidently, partners Bradley Taylor and Ashley Peterson have perfected an old fashioned cake donut recipe, which acts as the base for all this madness, so they haven't chucked all formality. We can get behind that. 

And naturally, a hip young donut shop is not complete without some hip pop culture monikers for their creations— so reintroduce yourself to some old friends— Charlie Murphy, ODB, and the Hipster Lumberjack; sugar and dough style. 

The world is dark, drab and cruel, and a new donut shop fills us with a little jolt of colorful, sugary joy. Remember, it's the little things. With sugared cereal crumbled on top. 


317 14th Ave SE, Mpls.