Check out a 'dive bar pop-up' at Dumpling

Laura Mohn Photography

Laura Mohn Photography

Two words: pizza dumplings.

Oh, one more: karaoke.

Dumpling will bring both to a neighborhood that doesn't have a ton of either on October 30, when it dons a Halloween costume of its own to become the Dumpster (absolute perfection), a "pop-up dive bar."

Dumpling's Bunbob Chhun says that name is a long-running joke among the staff -- when it became a regular thing for them to decompress from a busy shift over drinks, someone dubbed their group with the trashy moniker. 

They started wondering: What would it be like if Dumpling was the Dumpster -- a dive bar, not a charming little Asian fusion joint on Minnehaha?

We'll find out next week, but it definitely means food and drink specials, karaoke, and those brand-new pizza dumplings -- an ode to the Heggies that's already sustained you on so many divey nights.

Costumes are encouraged, and if it's a hit, the Dumpster might even reappear throughout the year.

“There’s not much karaoke on our side of town," Chhun says. "I think it could pick up.”

The Dumpster
Dumpling, 4004 Minnehaha Ave., S.
8 p.m. – midnight