Cheap eats: community ed cooking classes

Cheap eats: community ed cooking classes

Whenever I get one of those Community Education flyers, I'm always a little dubious, and I'm the joining type even. Maybe it's because when I lived in Texas, "community education" included classes on animal CPR, how to help a horse give birth, and techniques for spying on your loved ones.

I always at least give the offerings at least a once-over though, and I've gotta hand it to you Minnesotans: A class on just dal? French desserts? Vegetarian dim sum? Dang, people. I'm impressed. While some of the best-sounding ones (Breads of India, Chocolate Truffles, Greek Dinner) are already filled, there's still time to get on board with others.

If your interests are a bit more pedestrian, no worries. There are classes on the basics of rice, how to cook different types of noodles and one called Cooking 101.

It won't set you back too much either: Classes run $15 - $38. And commitment-phobes take note: Almost all the classes are one night only.

There's even a class with slots still available for this Wednesday on making chocolate for Valentine's Day. Aww.

For more information or to register go to check out the Minneapolis Community Education website.

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