Celebrity Eats: Mark Wheat

How great is 89.3 The Current DJ Mark Wheat? So great that he responds to inquiries about his culinary habits by titling his email "Wheat eats." Which means even without the accent Wheat, last year's Best FM Personality, can easily charm your pants off. And with MPR's member drive in full swing this week, this might be the only chance Wheat has to charm you without hitting you up for cash afterwards.

Hot Dish: How many words of your order pass your lips before servers recognize you as Mark Wheat?

Three. And I never get tired of it! I always wanted to be recognized in public for something that was enjoyed as a positive force in a community. We're blessed to be in that space right now.

HD: If you could eat with one musical artist or group (living or dead) who would it be -- and where in the Twin Cities would you take them?

Led Zep, the three surviving members would do but if we could find a venue in the Twin Cities that could get Bonham there too that's where we'd have to be! Failing that and hoping that I had at least a whole day with the boys, St. Paul Hotel Grill for lunch at a booth looking out the window. Dinner at the chef's table at 112 Eatery, and then a party out front in the original room with a few friends!

HD: You're originally from England; are there any food items from the UK that you miss or crave?

Fish & chips with bread 'n' butter and a good cup of tea! Might sound obvious, but where I was brought up, near the Wash on the east coast of England, the area was known for its fish, caught straight out of the North Sea hours before being in the newspaper as your dinner. I can't even make a cup of tea here that tastes like mum's.

HD: Are there any signature Minnesota foods you've introduced back home? Maybe something on a stick?

No, 'on a stick' is way too Barbarian an idea for the food and culture snobs in England. I love the State Fair but I have often tried to describe it to my friends and family in the UK and their eyes just glaze over. You have no idea how lucky we are to have that in Minnesota!!

HD: The Current's studio is in the heart of St. Paul. What's your favorite downtown dining spot that's within striking distance of the office?

I enjoy a treat lunch at Meritage and more regularly Pop! Great new additions to Lowertown with Barrio and Bull Dog, we're spoilt for choice!

HD: What's your favorite song about food?

Led Zeppelin's "Custard Pie!" from Physical Graffitti.