Celebrity Dish: Adam Levy's fried tofu

Celebrity Dish: Adam Levy's fried tofu

photo of Adam, Ester and Ava Bella courtesy of Adam Levy

Adam Levy, the scruffy balladeer of The Honeydogs, Hookers and Blow and Bunny Clogs fame dishes out this recipe for Thai-inspired fried tofu. Tof-abulous!

Adam Levy's Fried Tofu

what you will need:

one package extra firm tofu--drained and sliced 1/8 in. thick [do not separate]
1 cup + 1 tsp. canola oil
3 cloves minced garlic
1 cup chopped mushrooms of your choice [enoki and shitake work well]

1 cup chicken or vegetable broth
1 tbsp. green curry paste
1 tbsp. fish sauce
1 can of coconut milk

5 tbls. unbleached wheat flour
1 tsp. five spice powder
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tap. cayenne

3 julianned scallions
basil leaves and optional Thai or jalapeno peppers to garnish

2 cups of cooked rice

what you will do:

Heat 1 tsp. of canola oil, then add garlic. Cook until garlic is soft [approx. 1 minute]. Add mushrooms and saute for another 2 minutes.  Add chicken broth, green curry, fish sauce and coconut milk. Bring mixture to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer. Let sauce simmer on low while preparing the tofu.

Mix flour with salt, 5 spice, and cayenne. Dredge tofu in the seasoned flour and shake off the excess. Heat remaining oil on high until it bubbles, then turn burner down to medium high. Add tofu: oil should be hot enough that tofu sizzles when added. Fry until both sides of tofu until golden brown. Drain tofu on a paper bag--serve immediately.

how to serve:

Spoon 1/2 cup of rice in to a bowl and add 1 cup of sauce. Perch tofu on the side of the bowl [do not immerse in sauce]. Garnish with scallions, basil and jalapeno.


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