Celebrate 'Ranch Dressing Month' at Potluck (sorry, the ranch dunk tank is canceled)

Ranch goes with everything.

Ranch goes with everything. Nordic Waffles / Potluck

Yes, March is Women’s History Month, but did you know it’s also Ranch Dressing Month at Potluck Food Hall?

Rosedale Center's purveyor of incredible snacking has a few tricks up its sleeve to celebrate Minnesota's unofficial condiment. Select vendors within Potluck will offer specialty dishes designed to highlight our cool, dilly, dairy goddess of choice during her month of worship. Take, for example, Nordic Waffles' offering above: The "Minnesota" wraps cheese curds, bacon, and tater-tots in a waffle before finishing it with a ranch drizzle.

Thanks to the good folks at Hidden Valley, ranch seasoning shakers have been stocked tableside to, er, spice up literally anything as you see fit. Hidden Valley’s Ranch Ambassadors will be giving away “ranch swag” and samples of the dressing (which, y’know, is honestly more like a lifestyle for those Of The Faith) on Saturdays from 12-2 p.m. 

Pour it on your entire life at this point? Show up dressed (get it?) like a bottle of the dressing! No one can judge you during Ranch Dressing Month!

Glorious as all this sounds, we regret to inform readers that the plans you just read about are a scaled-back version of what once could have been. Potluck’s merrymakers take their ranch as seriously as SXSW, which means they’d whipped up a full-on party the likes of which Roseville had never seen… until the threat of COVID-19, yunno, did something similar to actual South-By. 

Though we’re genuinely enthused by the promise of Hidden Valley’s complimentary dippers for our ’za, imagine what it would have been like to dunk a real, live human in ranch! Yes, before it was nixed for the betterment of mankind, there was a ranch dunk tank in the works… and a ranch fountain. 

When peppered with questions during the planning stages, Potluck’s reps graciously explained that the latter would not be a fountain like those at the Bellagio (as we’d asked) but “like a chocolate fountain,” which guests wouldn’t eat from due to health code. Alas, those were the golden days of big (creamy) dreaming.

Such big flights of fancy aren’t d.e.d.-dead, though. That dunk tank (which surely would have become the stuff of legend) has been officially “put on hold,” while sadly those ranch fountains were canceled entirely “as an extra precaution.” 

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