Celebrate National Irish Coffee Week (RECIPE)


This drink is so easy to prepare, and ideal on a cold winter's day. If you have coffee, sugar, whipped cream, and, of course, Irish whiskey, you are good to go. 


Hot water
6 ounces hot fresh brewed coffee
2 sugar cubes
A jigger of your favorite Irish whiskey
Fresh (preferably homemade) whipped cream


Fill an empty glass with hot water for a few seconds, then pour the water out. Fill glass three quarters full with coffee. Add the sugar cubes and stir until dissolved. Add whiskey and stir again. Pour whipped cream carefully over the back of a spoon into your drink, making sure to not break the surface. 

In case you would prefer a visual, here's how to make a dozen, simultaneously. 

Adapted from a recipe provided by the Buena Vista Cafe

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