Celeb chefs tour like rock stars

Celeb chefs tour like rock stars

A recent WSJ article says rock concert-style live performance is the next frontier of celebrity chefs--Guy Fieri took tips from AC/DC to prep for his national tour this fall where he'll be making jambalaya on stage in front of an audience of several thousands. Tickets to such events can run up to $250 and Anthony Bourdain says that the majority of his income now comes from live appearances, vs his TV show, "No Reservations," or his book sales.

The article points out the truest sign that chefs have received rock star status: fans throwing bras onstage, as happened recently to Mr. Fieri at a casino gave a cooking demonstration.

"I looked around and saw that the crowd went wild and I thought, 'Wow. This is rock 'n' roll,' " Mr. Fieri says.

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