Caribou Coffee has a new logo


Maybe we've got too much time on our hands, but the new Caribou Coffee logo totally looks like one of those mindbender-y images we've all seen in books and magazines at some point and that now sometimes make the rounds on email. Is it a vase or two lovers kissing? Is it a rose or the profile of a woman? It it a tree or an infant? You know the ones, right?

So, that being said, do you see the proboscis monkey in the Brooklyn Center-based coffee chain's new, deconstructed logo?

Swear to God it's in there!

The new caribou also has a new backdrop of graffitied "inspirational" phrases. At least one thing remains the same though: The coffee chain chose to stick with its sea foam green and black color scheme.

Just trying to keep up with Starbucks, says Brandweek:


Caribou Coffee, a distant No. 2 in the coffee chain category next to Starbucks, is attempting to bolster its appeal as a branded coffee company by playing down the ski lodge imagery and, yes, the caribou, with a sweeping rebranding.

The push, which includes a new logo and print work, comes as the brand attempts to foster a more contemporary, less regional image. With locations in 15 Midwestern and Eastern states, Caribou doesn't have the national retail footprint of Starbucks and has a fraction of the marketing budget.

The logo is the brainchild of Minneapolis ad agency Colle+McVoy