Carbon calculator measures impact of your diet

What?! We're obligated to keep track of carbon load of the food we eat now too? A national catering company with regional offices in Minneapolis has a calculator on its website, where you can drag little icons of tacos and omelets and yogurt into a frying pan and watch the "mercury" on a thermometer rise, indicating the greenhouse gases generated by the production of what you eat. You have to make your meals conform to the available choices, but you'll get the idea. (Check out the number of burrito icons though. Seriously?!)

Going vegetarian isn't enough to make you a saint in the carbon footprint department, Mother Jones says. Dairy, for one, can totally do you in too.

[F]oregoing meat that once mooed without considering the carbon impact of the rest of your diet? That's a little like telling someone who's counting calories that the bacon explosion is off limits, but corn dogs, pizza, and chocolate cake are all fair game.

What's next? It's actually kinda funny (or a good idea?) to imagine grocery stores implementing programs where people have to buy offsets in order to buy their pepperoni pizza or restaurants requiring buyoffs in order to attend, say, Manny's Bludgeonfest.